The Greatest Pyschological Secret Never Told….

I want to share some really exciting news! The latest Mind-Empowering online course from by good friend Steven Aitchison is now in pre-launch. It was my great privilege to proofread this latest course and so I know first hand that you will find the content and approach just fabulous (otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending it 🙂 ). The best way to get an idea of what this is all about is to let Steven and his new-found buddy, George, tell the story:

Meet George

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Mind Alchemy Day 23 – The Big I AM

Day 23, we’re nearing completion with only 4 or so days to go. Today we are looking at the Big I AM. I am a big believer in I AM and wrote a post on this at the turn of the year called ‘Who are You?‘. I think that knowing who you are is essential.

I agree with Steven that this is a key part of obtaining successful outcomes, and letting things flow through ‘de-nominalisation’. My take on this is slightly different, though. Your I AM is your State of Being, for example I AM Health or I AM Contentment. That is who you are. This, in turn, will help your subconscious seek out ways to achieve your outcomes. So you could say, for example, ‘I AM so happy and so grateful now that I have 14,000 followers….‘ or ‘I AM so happy and so grateful now that I have my own coaching business that positively impacts the lives of others’. Your State of Being will believe that you do have 14,000 followers or you do have a coaching business and play this out for you, ie help you to take the right action and attract the necessary resources. Why? Because your subconscious can’t distinguish reality from virtuality. You know this to be the case if you have followed previous lessons on guided visualizations and mind-movies etc.

As Steven says, it is easy to get tied up in knots with some of this. For now it important that you focus on who you are (or want to be), and build on this using some or all of the tools we have looked at over the last few weeks.

So, who are you?

Mind Alchemy Day 20 – Overcoming Fear

Day 20 and we’re looking at Overcoming Fear. Are you afraid? Of what or who?

The good news is that fear is an illusion. That’s right, it’s a mind-created perception of a future event. Why do I know this – well the past is gone and the future isn’t here yet (doh!) so neither can hurt you in the present moment. I’m with Steven absolutely on this and one of my key teachings, based on the work of Eckhart Tolle, is The Power of Now. The other bit of really good news is that you are in control because, as you’ll recall, you have the capacity to choose. So you can choose to worry about a future event, or you can perceive it as an opportunity and plan to succeed – the choice is yours. So, for example, you can be filled with fear of sitting exams, or you can work hard and plan to do well. This of course will also bring other development tools into play like mind-movies, visualising outcomes and preparing (and sticking to) your action plan.

You should also learn to enjoy and Live in the present moment. I’m reminded of a Reiki teaching that goes something like, ‘today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present’.

Steven recommends that you deal with fear by asking the following questions:

What is the fearful event or situation?
What’s the worst that can happen?
What’s the best that can happen?
What is the middle ground of the two?

I would adjust this slightly to: identify a particular future event of which you are afraid (remembering that this is a mind-created illusion), recognise your desired outcome, visualise this then plan to succeed.

Easy. Well, only with practice, actually.

So what are you afraid of? – The big, bad wolf?

Mind Alchemy Day 12 – Letting go of Your Outcomes

How to let go of your outcomes. I think today’s lesson is really, really important.

The starting point is understanding Blockages or what I would call Boulders; that is, whatever is stopping you achieve your desired outcome. For me, this is also about the power of the ego; you know, the negative-chatter that let’s self-doubt creep in then quite often overpower you. So, how can you clear the blockage or roll away the boulder?

Steven reminds us of Michael Neill’s “Butterfly Point”:

Imagine what you want is like a beautiful butterfly in your hands. If you squeeze too tightly the butterfly will be crushed, if you hold your hands too loosely, the butterfly will simply fly away. The secret is to hold it gently.

Awesome. At either extreme you will crush your desire or lose focus altogether. The key is to hold on with just the right degree of positive focus that pushes enough self-doubt and fear away. Detachment without losing desire.

As I said, I believe that this is an extremely important lesson. You move your mind from being filled with negative-chatter to a focus on positive outcomes. The danger is, though, that your single-minded outcome doesn’t happen quickly enough for you, so frustration or anger set in fuelled by obsession. Learn to chill and let go.

I love this, what about you?