The Greatest Pyschological Secret Never Told….

I want to share some really exciting news! The latest Mind-Empowering online course from by good friend Steven Aitchison is now in pre-launch. It was my great privilege to proofread this latest course and so I know first hand that you will find the content and approach just fabulous (otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending it 🙂 ). The best way to get an idea of what this is all about is to let Steven and his new-found buddy, George, tell the story:

Meet George

Please be sure to leave comments at the bottom of the video once you’ve watched it. Steven will reply personally to all comments. Or if you prefer, leave your comment here with me and I’ll pass them on to Steve.


Mind Alchemy Day 5 – Outcomes for life

Day 5 and I’m lovin’ this. This is a paradigm shift in action and I love reading the feedback/ comments.

Today is about outcomes. I jumped ahead of today’s lesson yesterday when I talked about expecting to receive and the need to already feel that you had your burning desire. Steven calls this “shifting our thinking”, I prefer to say paradigm shift – who you are, your beliefs, your emotions, your values, your personal awareness and your vision of the “big picture”.

Some members are talking about the course, even at this early stage, being overwhelming. I can understand that but these are lessons for life (not just for February!). Change will take time and persistent focus. Of course you will change during this course but the rate of change will depend on your starting point and current life chapter.

As I said, I’m lovin’ this. It is clear that Steven writes from the heart and the emotional intent shines through.

Till Day 6, take care, Stephen