The heart of the matter

‘And Now Here Is My Secret, a Very Simple Secret; It Is Only with the Heart That One Can See Rightly, What Is Essential Is Invisible to the Eye’. –Antoine De Saint-Exupery

I love this quote from ‘The Little Prince’. For me it represents the very essence of humanity – a world full of emotion and dependent on the beating heart. Courage is related to a strong heart. Sadness brings a ‘broken-heart’. Your heartbeat quickens with excitement and, arguably, the ‘thinking’ heart (it has its own ‘brain’) helps you to intuitively know right from wrong.

It also reminds me of the 5 basic principles of Reiki, where:

Just for Today,
Do not anger;
Do not worry;
Be grateful;
Work hard; and
Be kind to others.

For me these are all essential matters relating to the heart:

    be present, live for today, focus on the power of Now;

    do not become emotionally distracted by anger or worry;

    be grateful for and content with all that you have and make the most of your opportunities, even when things don’t quite work out as you planned;

    give of your best at all times; no-one can ask any more of you. Be content that you always give 100% effort in all that you do;

    look after your ‘neighbour’ and show respect. Help the needy and vulnerable. You will feel contentment in your heart if you do – guaranteed!

So, now that you know this very simple secret, learn or continue to live with a heart filled with contentment, compassion and the courage to take the next steps that you understand (in your ‘heart-of-hearts’) will help you achieve all that you desire.