Are you onboard?

You can think of your subconscious mind as the storage room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind; it stores all your life experiences, your belief system, your memories and your skills. So pretty important really. In fact, it is probably at least 9 times more influential and powerful than your conscious mind.

You can also think of your subconscious in terms of:

Impulses/ emotions
Physiological control

that is, Your SHIP. You are in charge when you are on the SHIP and you can choose to take complete control. The SHIP, therefore, allows you to take complete control of your life. But let’s not get too carried away (like a SHIP without and Anchor 🙂 ) just yet.

You see before you can set out to sea on your voyage of discovery, you need to get to grips with the component parts.

Whether you are aware or not you play out strategies for everything including what to wear, have for breakfast, who to talk to, friends to keep and so on. You just can’t help it. These strategies, in turn, are likely to be built on your habits; favourite shirt, always have coffee and toast etc. But as we will explore in later posts you can change your habits and therefore live by new strategies.

Are you impulsive? Your emotions play a key role in defining who you are and how you respond and as you may know, I’m an advocate of the influence here of the heart-brain. Similarly, your gut-brain is responsible for physiological control, including on the one hand intuition and on the other the automated control of your life systems.

So having a sea-worthy SHIP is pretty important really. That way, when you head into strong winds and rough waters you have a far better chance of staying afloat.

But of course before you leave the harbour, it helps that you have plotted a course (your outcome), have up to date maps to help avoid rocks or shallow water and taken on all the necessary provisions or resources.

So, are you onboard and ready to set sail? Or maybe it’s a case of ‘any port in a storm’?

4 responses to “Are you onboard?

  1. I like the acronym. I am just glad the last one isn’t “thought control!” (Makes me laugh) 🙂 Clever, aren’t I?

    You provide a very clear way to illustrate how, basically, we navigate and create our world through our mind. Like you say, we are in complete control of it and can steer wherever we want. Just wish more people knew of this awesomeness and used it. Working on getting the word out. Thank you for doing so!

    • Hey Debbie, seems like plain sailing really. But it becomes either overly complicated or too much like hard work for so many. Anda wise Captain knows how to keep a happy ship and avoid the mutiny of the ego. Take care, Stephen

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I like using acronyms and mind pictures too. This is a good way of getting messages across and making challenging guides to motivation. Thank you.

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