Mind Alchemy Day 25 – Your Three Selves

Today we are using another Guided Visualistion to think about Your Three Selves.

I suggest that you listen to the Guided Visualisation before reading on.

The key lesson for me is that it may be helpful to live by the Eastern timeline, known as ‘in-time’ rather than the more customary Western version, ‘through-time’ (stay with me on this…). In the West, we usually think of time as looking at the past on one side and the future on the other and both are visible in front of you. In the Eastern or Arabic time, the timeline stretches from front to back so that one part (the past) is invisible. You have to turn your head to see it. The diagram below (borrowed from ‘The Basis of Personality’ by Tad James), should help explain this.

So, with ‘In-Time’ you are always in the present moment (Now), associated with your timeline and your memories or experiences are more likely to be associated. ‘Through-time’ people are more likely to store their past as dissociated pictures and will have a good sequential, linear idea of time (and therefore expect to make and keep appointments exactly). ‘In-Timers’ are more flexible with appointments – their lives are a series of ‘nows’ and there are always more ‘nows’ available 🙂 if appointments are missed. ‘In-timers’ also therefore merge the three selves into one through the Power of Now.

So are you ‘through-time’ or ‘in-time’?

4 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 25 – Your Three Selves

  1. Very interesting concept and good explanation through the diagrams. I think, as Westerners ,we are taught the through time perspective. I think I am moving towards the in-time perspective as many of us are. It is more compassionate and allows for more possibilities.

    • Thanks Debbie. I like the idea of living in available ‘nows’ but knowing that the present is a culmination of experiences that through better awareness will help fulfil outcomes. Simple and yet difficult after years of through-time teaching. Take care, Stephen

  2. That is an interesting distinction………in time/through time. I enjoy living moment to moment. It is an effort for me to keep track of what is happening in the future. I just sort of bumble along. I delegate time keeping functions to others. At work I get involved with what I am doing ….focus in…….Others let me know when break is…….when it’s time to go home………the day just flies by and I enjoy what I am doing.
    Thanks for the post Stephen

    • Hi Wayne, sounds like you’re already living in-time. As you say ‘bumble’ along means you are so focussed on achieving outcomes that time just flies by. Thanks for dropping by again. Stephen

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