Mind Alchemy Day 23 – The Big I AM

Day 23, we’re nearing completion with only 4 or so days to go. Today we are looking at the Big I AM. I am a big believer in I AM and wrote a post on this at the turn of the year called ‘Who are You?‘. I think that knowing who you are is essential.

I agree with Steven that this is a key part of obtaining successful outcomes, and letting things flow through ‘de-nominalisation’. My take on this is slightly different, though. Your I AM is your State of Being, for example I AM Health or I AM Contentment. That is who you are. This, in turn, will help your subconscious seek out ways to achieve your outcomes. So you could say, for example, ‘I AM so happy and so grateful now that I have 14,000 followers….‘ or ‘I AM so happy and so grateful now that I have my own coaching business that positively impacts the lives of others’. Your State of Being will believe that you do have 14,000 followers or you do have a coaching business and play this out for you, ie help you to take the right action and attract the necessary resources. Why? Because your subconscious can’t distinguish reality from virtuality. You know this to be the case if you have followed previous lessons on guided visualizations and mind-movies etc.

As Steven says, it is easy to get tied up in knots with some of this. For now it important that you focus on who you are (or want to be), and build on this using some or all of the tools we have looked at over the last few weeks.

So, who are you?

2 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 23 – The Big I AM

  1. I always forget that…my mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. It responds similarly to both. In my mind I am on a beach in a bikini on a tropical island with the sun shining down and the waves lapping at my feet. I love it! Forget the number of followers! Who cares? 🙂

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