Mind Alchemy Day 22 – Affirmation Video

Day 22 and we’re creating Affirmation Videos. This is genius.

Steven uses http://www.flixitime.com to create the videos. It is really easy. The idea is you grab some images from Google and some music that you find inspiring based on the Outcomes we looked at in Day 5. You can then add a couple of text files with your positive outcomes to collectively create your Affirmation Video.

I am writing this post at the end of a very long day and having just completed a 4 hour drive returning from a business trip (but don’t feel sorry for me!). The point is that even then I was able to throw together this very quick (25 secs actually) vid on Helping (without the text files for now). Go on, click that link and play it. Easy and great fun to do.

I will spend more time on this later. You can get full instructions on how to create videos in Steven’s lesson.

Genius, isn’t it.

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