Mind Alchemy Day 20 – Overcoming Fear

Day 20 and we’re looking at Overcoming Fear. Are you afraid? Of what or who?

The good news is that fear is an illusion. That’s right, it’s a mind-created perception of a future event. Why do I know this – well the past is gone and the future isn’t here yet (doh!) so neither can hurt you in the present moment. I’m with Steven absolutely on this and one of my key teachings, based on the work of Eckhart Tolle, is The Power of Now. The other bit of really good news is that you are in control because, as you’ll recall, you have the capacity to choose. So you can choose to worry about a future event, or you can perceive it as an opportunity and plan to succeed – the choice is yours. So, for example, you can be filled with fear of sitting exams, or you can work hard and plan to do well. This of course will also bring other development tools into play like mind-movies, visualising outcomes and preparing (and sticking to) your action plan.

You should also learn to enjoy and Live in the present moment. I’m reminded of a Reiki teaching that goes something like, ‘today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present’.

Steven recommends that you deal with fear by asking the following questions:

What is the fearful event or situation?
What’s the worst that can happen?
What’s the best that can happen?
What is the middle ground of the two?

I would adjust this slightly to: identify a particular future event of which you are afraid (remembering that this is a mind-created illusion), recognise your desired outcome, visualise this then plan to succeed.

Easy. Well, only with practice, actually.

So what are you afraid of? – The big, bad wolf?

5 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 20 – Overcoming Fear

  1. The ability to stay in the present totally takes the power away from fear and deflates it. Choose how to respond and move forward in the present and it really empowers you. When I learned this little secret, it completely changed my life.

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  3. I had a lot of fears. I was a loner. I didn’t like social situations, didn’t like speaking.
    I found myself unemployed with no contacts no network.

    I decided I needed to change. I joined a Toastmasters club last September. I am learning to confront my fear of speaking and other fears as well.

    I too am a big fan of Eckhart Tolle’s. I really enjoyed his books and videos.

    I have been following the Mind Alchemy course and been growing with that as well

    • Hi Wayne, thanks for dropping by. Good for you – it is not easy to confront your fears and taking the type of action that you have is fantastic. Giving presentations is a part of my job. That doesn’t mean I have no worry or fear; I have learned to prep well and deal with it – it becomes a way of life I suppose. Great to hear from you and good luck with ToastMasters. Take care, Stephen

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