Mind Alchemy Day 19 – Unconscious Gratitude

Day 19 is all about Unconscious Gratitude. Personally, I like to think of subconscious gratitude. That way it is easier for me to perceive this as a habit, a part of your paradigm. I agree with Steven that you need to move deeper to the subconscious and beyond Conscious Gratitude. The former is a part of your being, the latter a moment in time action.

Subconscious gratitude means you are grateful for even (or especially) the things you take for granted; your breath, the air that you breathe, the landscape around you, the farmers and workers that bring food to your table, shop assistants, librarians and the authors, poets and musicians that fill your mind with inspiration, to name but a few.

That is the easy part. What about people you dislike or those that hurt you – can you really be grateful for exchanges you have with them? Well, yes you can. It is difficult and may not even change your relationship at least from the other person’s viewpoint. But my concern is that you find inner-peace and abundance. Gratitude is the first of 6 keys to Buddhist living. Many people will have helped you become and get to what you are today. Be grateful for all that they have helped you achieve. Feed your mind constantly with all that fills you with gratitude and a feeling of contentment, knowing that you give of your best as often as you can.

And remember, you are never alone.

2 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 19 – Unconscious Gratitude

  1. I do really feel that I have achieved unconscious gratitude for even the small things. My brain injury helped me to do this. It is amazing when you can’t do the simple things…walk with any coordination, talk understandably…how much you are grateful for them from then on when the skills return.

    I, too, am even grateful for those who pose challenges in my life. They are my greatest teachers, and I would not be who I am without them.

    I feel that you have to consciously express gratitude for the unconscious stuff every once in a while.

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