Mind Alchemy Day 18 – My Reality is not Your Reality

Day 18 (doesn’t time fly!) and we’re in essence looking at mind-movies in Steven Aitchison’s latest lesson, this time on Your Reality.

I think that this will be difficult lesson for many. Steven puts it this way:

“If you are the only conscious person in the world, and your thoughts create reality, who do you think is responsible for the life you currently have?”

Wow! But is it wow- fantastic (powerful stuff) or wow-steady on (this is a bit make-believe)? Of course you are responsible for the life you have – because you have the capability to choose – is the galss ‘half-full’ or ‘half-empty’, will you give of your best or just lounge around and so forth. And yes, I believe that you are reading this post because of previous thoughts (or as Steven says, ‘my words are a manifestation of your thoughts”. So there is no getting away from the fact that your thoughts create your reality.

Your thoughts and beliefs are, therefore, your ‘current model of (your) reality’. So if you are unhappy or think you are under-achieving, then you need to re-model that reality. I call this paradigm-shifting. In today’s lesson, Steven takes us through an excercise on, for me anyway, mind-movies. There are three steps;

(1) identify the obstacle, eg a person that makes you nervous or makes you feel stupid;
(2) relabel – or remove the obstacle by changing your mind-set of how you feel around this person, eg, confident and smart;
(3) reinterpret – play the mind-movie, eg feel, hear and see yourself having an intelligent exchange with this person.

Whilst I’m not a big fan of looking back (but which I guess you need to do to identify the obstacle), I think this is a very valuable exercise for you to learn and practice. However, I also needs to become a paradigm-shifting way of life by playing out these mind-movies of intention in all that you do and want. Why is this important? Because you are using you conscious mind to feed your subconscious and it can’t distinguish between the mind-movie and reality. And that is why your thoughts, through mind-movies or thought-intentions or affirmations, become your reality. The gurus of The Secret and the like would have you pay hundreds or thoudsands of dollars to find that out 😉

Some say, ‘Life is not a dress-reahearsal’. Well, they’re right but now you know how you can sqeeze in some virtual reahearsal time.

So tell me, do you watch the same mind-movies on repeat or is it time to watch a new programme or two?

4 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 18 – My Reality is not Your Reality

  1. I tend to get mind movies on auto pilot! Until today, I looked at it as an inconvenience and something that was not helpful, trying to stop it happening. With the help of today’s exercise, I now see it as something that I can choose to make useful in my growth just by changing my perception and choosing a positive outcome.

  2. Hi Marty, you’ve absolutely got it! This is a fantastic learning. Of course how things turn out will also be influenced by others (who may also have played the virtual-movie in advance). But remember now that you’ve found the ‘remote control’ of your mind you can always playback scenes later and learn from them. Thanks for stopping by. Stephen

  3. I think this is a very sound idea…mind movies. But what do you think it means when I do this and the other person, in this case an ex, continues to act in the same harassing, conflict driven manner? I am always kind of shocked because I do not harbor ill will or anger against him, and I do kind affirmations and visualizations of us interacting with compassion and respect. So, when the reality is very different, I am always taken by surprise. Just continue on? It has been years.

    • H Debbie, this is indeed a sound idea but as you’ve found out his reality is not your reality. Some things or people just never change and each individual has (the capacity) to choose. For me, and without sound glib or flippant, you have made your right choice and must persist. Take care and I’ll be in touch. Stephen

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