Mind Alchemy Day 13 – Clearing Your Mind

Almost half way through the course and today we are learning how to clear your mind.

This is something I do already and find essential in my work. The idea is that you clear your thoughts or task list from your mind by committing them to paper or the keyboard; I guess just like a “to-do list”. I do this most mornings and find myself adding to the list as things crop up. I might include supporting data like telephone numbers or email addresses and I mark off or score through completed tasks (which creates a sense of making real progress). I have so many things on the go at once that despite having a great memory, I find this exercise essential.

I know others that use mind-maps but that doesn’t work for me, at least at the initial brain-dump stage. I think there may also be an NLP effect, especially for those that work best with visual sensory form (or auditory form if you then read your list back). Just a thought.

Anyway, I find that this very simple exercise is awesome.

Does it work for you?

3 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 13 – Clearing Your Mind

  1. I live by lists. Did not before my brain injury, but absolutely essential now. Like you said, it gives a sense of accomplishment when I get to mark something off. It also helps keep me focused during the day, but I also remain flexible.

    • Hey Debbie, I guess my list acts as both an aide-mémoire and a guide or framework to how I will get through things by continuously re-prioritising. Very useful so long as I stay “anticastination”!. Take care, Stephen

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