Mind Alchemy Day 10 – Relaxation

Phew! I think by Day 10 it certainly is time for a bit of relaxation. The course has been fascinating if a bit intensive.

But today suits me as I am already a big fan of Silence and stilling the mind. I also agree with Steven that this type of exercise, through time and with practice, will help you to feel a lot calmer and in control. I don’t always categorise this type of self-help as a daily exercise. I use Silence and stilling the mind when things to get busy and my brain feels over-whelmed.

I am known for my enthusiasm and have been nick-named ‘roadrunner’ or the ‘Tazmanian Devil’ (if you know your cartoons. I don’t do relaxation very well. But since my mini-stroke in my early 40’s a few years ago, all of that has changed. I’ve taught myself silence, stillness and more especially how to observe negative thoughts and just let them go. I’m by no means a master yet, but through time and with more practice…..

So, how do you relax?

3 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 10 – Relaxation

  1. Meditation always does it for me on a regular daily basis. Also, I don’t do it often, but watching a movie on TV or going to the movies is like a vacation because I totally just get engrossed and forget everything else for the time being.

    • Hi Debbie. I’m so jealous as I don’t have anything like your patience or discipline to do daily meditation. I am well known for drifting off altogether during TV programmes and films but I don’t think that counts! Take care now, Stephen

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