Mind Alchemy Day 9 – Changing Your Beliefs

Day 9 and this is Steven Aitchison at his best with a cracking combination of principles/ theory and case studies; and all told with his no-nonsense passion.

Changing your beliefs is based around Steven’s Belief Formula:

perception + evidence + time = belief

I will take each part of the formula in turn and offer a view:

This reminds me of Henry Ford’s quote which goes something like, “whether you think you can or you cannot, you are correct”. If you think or believe that you are dumb then, guess what, that’s how you will see yourself in the mirror. More especially, you will perceive that this is how others see you. Put another way, being intelligent is available to you, it’s just that you are not aware. If you assume that we are all born “equal” then you can choose dumb or intelligent. Of course “equal” is only available till you are overwhelmed by external influences of parents, teachers, friends, society and so on. These influences will be either positive (largely) or negative. Importantly, this is often accompanied by a loss of choice and so you lose who you are. Commentators who talk about an “awakening” really mean a realisation by you that you have a choice and that you have the freedom to be who you want to be. This “awakening” is a topic in its own right which I won’t go in to here. I do recommend that you catch up with my friend Debbie Hampton’s blog, The Best Brain Possible, particularly her post on the heart-brain. Debbie writes some fabulous stuff on the power of the brain.

Okay, so even if you realise that you can choose, your well-formed habit will be to test this out with your environment, for example, the folks that you perceived or actually told you that you were dumb. Steven describes this as evidence gathering. I think that this is a really important and practical point and one that most guru’s don’t cover.

As Steven notes, the need to test out the evidence gathering takes time. If you’re perception for the last 20 years has been that you are dumb, then choosing to believe otherwise is only the first (but essential) step. It will take time to adjust to your need perception. The reflection in the mirror will change every time you look. Remember that you have probably been suffering from a combination of Napoleon Hill’s 6 basic fears, particularly the fear of criticism, which usually results in low self-esteem.

To change Steven recommends that you challenge your current (unhelpful) belief and install a new belief. Absolutely. But to get the full benefit of the new installation takes time (and persistence) or as Evelyn Lim puts it, “regular maintenance is needed” assuming a “proper installation” in the first instance.

Fascinating. Do you agree?

2 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 9 – Changing Your Beliefs

  1. Stephen, friend :), thanks for the kind words and for referring to my blog. I like the point you make about evidence gathering. I never considered that before, but it is so true. We gather evidence all our lives unknowingly up until the point we decide to consciously choose something else. Then, we have to intentionally seek out more evidence. Takes time. Lots of it. And, then we have to keep doing “maintenance” as you call it to keep updating and evolving. I like it.

    PS: I wanna a pic of you in your kilt!

  2. Hey Debbie, no problem. Yes, I liked Evelyn’s install and maintain context. I guess the evidence gathering is a bit like keeping virtual maintenance log books, knowing that you need to keep records of performance of all 3 brains 😉
    Take care, Stephen

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