Thought for today…

As I await Steven Aitchison’s Day 8 post on Mind Alchemy, I felt compelled to write this extra little post.

My concern is on picking up on some commenters’ views that successful (personal) thinking will be helped/ made easier by cutting yourself off from the News (largely because most of this is bad or negative). Well, I don’t agree.

Such isolation cuts off my burning desire to help others and how I gain an appreciation of world and individual pains. However, I do not allow myself to be overwhelmed with grievances and tragedies; instead I observe and, at the point of letting go, I think or ask for world peace not war, or abundance rather than poverty, health not disease. That in itself is not the panacea of all ills, unless this approach gathers momentum through many that will lead to a Paradigm Shift.

Just a thought…..

6 responses to “Thought for today…

  1. Everyone has to do what works for them. Sounds like you have given this thought as to how this works for you in your life. That is what is important. I do not watch the news or any kind of news. I figure if it is important enough I will hear about it online. It works for me.

  2. I think it’s great that you are able to maintain positivity even while surrounding news can be depressing. I wish that there are more like you. As for myself, I try not to get too attached emotionally but to send peace and light to people who need them. However, if I should feel overwhelmed and affected by the negative news, I refrain from reading any more.

    • Hi Evelyn, great to hear from you again. It is is not easy to maintain positivity through life’s journey. I practice finding inner peace persistently and get a lot of help from friends who teach on abundance, vision boards and the heart-brain. We each have gifts and experiences to share. Take care, Stephen

  3. Hey Stephen,

    Personally i don’t watch or listen to any news channels as i like to limit my exposure to content i have little control over. I find the media is not accurate in it’s portrayal of reality as it really is. Good news does not sell, bad news does. I would prefer to spend my time focusing on the positive. This is not to suggest we live in a perfect world where only good things happen, but to make the point that for every bad, there is much more good. The media in general does not create their stories around this truth and therefore i personally believe that the more people are subjected to this, the better chance their perceptions on the real world will be grossly distorted.

    This is just my opinion but one i strongly believe in. However, i know plenty of positive people who watch and listen to the news. It’s not a rule that the news will affect you negatively but i really can’t see how constantly subjecting our minds to biased negative media can have a positive affect on a persons subconscious.

    All the same, it’s good to hear it doesn’t affect you and in fact gives you room for contemplation and gratitude towards the people who are indeed suffering every single day.

    take care and have a good day.


    • Hi Declan, welcome and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t become over-dependent on watching news and your point on “constantly subjecting our minds” is well made. A balanced approach to how you expose your mind externally is probably the key. I have often thought about starting a “Good News Channel” but doubt if that would inspire funding 🙂 or get many viewers?

      We are all on different parts of life’s journey. My “room for contemplation and gratitude” is only recently acquired and it does take practice. I agree absolutely on the gross distortion risk created by the media. As I said, for me it’s about trying to stay balanced.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Take care, Stephen

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