Mind Alchemy Day 7 – The Nature of Your Thoughts

So here we are in Day 7 looking at The Nature of Your Thoughts. Steven opens by reminding us about the repetitiveness of our thoughts. For me, that brings to mind the old adage that if you keep doing as you’ve always done or think the same thoughts then you can’t expect new or different results. How true.

So how do we change and move away from incessant negative and gloomy thinking? Steven suggests that we “replace, stop or redirect”. I’m with him absolutely on this, with one difference which I’ll come to.

Replace – this means thinking more about the outcomes we looked at in yesterday’s lesson. Inject and fill your mind with positive outcomes that naturally lead to more action. I guess in some respects we are squeezing out the old negatives, or back with the “weeding” analogy. So for me, this is spot on;

Stop – “we can’t stop thoughts altogether”; well, actually I believe that we can get pretty close if we practice silence and some of Eckhart Tolle’s techniques in The Power of Now. This is a very important concept from me and one that should be practiced continuously until mastered. I like to think of this silent, sill stage as the tilling of the soil after pulling up all the weeds and before we plant new, positive thoughts;

Redirection – “Whenever we catch ourselves thinking things we don’t want to think we turn it around in the opposite direction.” I agree but we can only do this from a position of conscious awareness and again to “catch” is to still the mind, clear it of negativity, then move off in a positive direction.

Today’s lesson closes with an exercise in Amit Sodha’s Freewriting technique. What a great idea; to just let your writing flow as the words pop into your head and without thinking too much; the very essence of subconscious thought without interference from the ego. I absolutely recommend that you give this a try. You may be surprised by what you write and the feeling of release.


Take care, Stephen

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