Mind Alchemy Day 6 – Your Perfect Day

Your Perfect Day – now this is clever. As Steven says “your subconscious already knows all the answers to the questions” which would help you to visualise and emotionalise and play the mind movie of your “perfect day”. He goes on to say that you should not “think about it too much” as your conscious mind would then get in the way, which for me means your ego and all of the negative mind-chatter that is holding you back.

It has been pretty intensive to get to Day 6, but it really ignited for me with the mention of the subconscious and its capability and power. That’s exactly what I teach and write about and a theme that runs through a lot of the posts on this blog. I am fascinated with the whole concept of consciousness and the part that the heart-brain plays in all of this. Today’s story-telling exercise also reminds me of one of the key coaching techniques I use around Gerard Egan’s Skilled Helper Model, although in that context it is used to gain a full appreciation of the client’s starting position. This new context of telling the story of your perfect day is intriguing.

Take care, Stephen

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