Mind Alchemy Day 5 – Outcomes for life

Day 5 and I’m lovin’ this. This is a paradigm shift in action and I love reading the feedback/ comments.

Today is about outcomes. I jumped ahead of today’s lesson yesterday when I talked about expecting to receive and the need to already feel that you had your burning desire. Steven calls this “shifting our thinking”, I prefer to say paradigm shift – who you are, your beliefs, your emotions, your values, your personal awareness and your vision of the “big picture”.

Some members are talking about the course, even at this early stage, being overwhelming. I can understand that but these are lessons for life (not just for February!). Change will take time and persistent focus. Of course you will change during this course but the rate of change will depend on your starting point and current life chapter.

As I said, I’m lovin’ this. It is clear that Steven writes from the heart and the emotional intent shines through.

Till Day 6, take care, Stephen

7 responses to “Mind Alchemy Day 5 – Outcomes for life

  1. Stephen: I need to catch up on all the lessons, but I definitely appreciated what you said about being persistent and realizing that change takes time and discipline. If we don’t really understand that, we can discourage ourselves when things don’t happen as quickly as we would like. Great series and I love the idea of the paradigm shift.

    • Hi Sibyl, great to hear from you again. I guess I’ve come to realise over the last few weeks that paradigm shift is really what my writing and coaching is all about. An article I did called Paradigm Shift (surprisingly ;-)) is being published in Change Your Thoughts in March following the Mind Alchemy series. Thanks again for your feedback. Take care, Stephen

  2. I can totally understand your anxiousness and anticipation of outcome. I think this comes with the passion and enthusiasm and willingness to make change happen. I know, for me, the impatience for outcomes tends to signal to me that I am not honoring the process and accepting the now. I have been here the past couple of weeks in my life.

    Just in the past few days, I have accepted the present and trust that the outcomes will come when the time is right and in the way that is right for my highest good. I feel myself relaxing and exhaling.

    • Hi Debbie, I Am so happy that you have found Now; the ability to live in the present and trust that outcomes will take care of themselves, due to your belief. And I know you will stay here because you understand the need for “weeding” and “planting flowers” 😉

      Take care, Stephen

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  4. This is terrific! I like the combination of the course itself along with your personal experience of it. I will look forward to following along. You said some people are finding it overwhelming. I think it’s so important to, as Pema Chodon says, start where we are and be gentle with ourselves. I’m guessing the course doesn’t require a certain pace, or does it? Rather than get overwhelmed and perhaps give up, people could take the time to digest a step more fully before moving on. Just a thought. At any rate, this is exciting stuff!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Hi Galen, welcome to New Life Starts Here. The course has a new lesson for each day of February and so it is pretty intense. However, each day includes downloadable worksheets and as it is delivered by blog, then I guess you can nearly go at your own pace and review over and over later. I usually only blog once a week so it is proving busy even for me to journal each day. But it is releasing a real sense of paradigm shift and therefore absolutely worth it. Really glad you dropped by and hope you can keep in touch. Take care, Stephen

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