Mind Alchemy Day 4 – Personal Vision Statements

What a great way to end the first week – personal vision statements. I already find these very powerful and view them very much as a flow between conscious and subconscious minds. Vision statements need all of the passion and emotion that overflows in Steven’s post. For me the essential ingredients are also imagination and a belief that you already have what you desire.

Nothing is impossible and everything already exists. Wow! Quite a powerful concept. You can achieve great things by using your imagination to step way beyond your current limitations. But that takes faith and belief. You also need persistence – if at first you don’t succeed…… and that means taking action.

You also need to do the preparation work, which I covered in The Silent Game and Are You Winning?

Don’t be mistaken that this is easy – as the guru’s selling their quick-win programs off the back of The Secret etc suggest. You need the discipline to practice and practice until you obtain control of your body and mind at will. You need a vivid imagination to think really big dreams. Once you can feel and emotionalise your burning desire and believe absolutely that it is yours and take the intuitive action that flows from your subconscious, then you are making real progress. My advice – break all of this down into step by step activities and practice persistently. And remember, you are not alone; I am here to help.

To your continued success,

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