Mind Alchemy Day 3 – Your Life Values

So here we are on Day 3. Up to this point we have looked at The Wheel of Life and Motivation direction. Today is all about values, all 370+ of them. I found myself choosing more than I was leaving unchecked and so I guess it’s back to the honesty, soul-searching of Day 1. And that was the realively easy part.

Next up was selecting the most important values for each of The Wheel of Life categories: Health, Money, Family, Personal Development, Career, Recreation, Spirituality and Goals. A real tough one this – well actually I really enjoyed the challenge and the feeling of calm freedom. For me this epitomises the real benefit of a program like Mind Alchemy – taking time out to find out more about yourself; who you really are.

I’ve been studying and writing about Coaching and Self Development for quite a while now and “know” my core values include gratitude, abundance, persistence, devotion, silence and spirituality. However, one of my key values was missing from the list – forgiveness. For me that is a vital part of moving on – “away from” motivation, if you like. Otherwise, as Marty pointed out in his comment on my Day 2 blog earlier today, you may get continually caught up in a “trauma from the past”.

I’m really enjoying this….

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