Mind Alchemy – Part 1: The Wheel of Life

What a great place to start. I’ve come across the wheel of Life before. I guess the main concern for me is total honesty in how you score yourself. If this is new to you, start by having a look at Steven Aitchison’s blog.

The idea is that you score 1-10 against the following aspects of life: health, family, money, personal development, career, recreation, spirituality and goals.

I’m not brave enough to share my scores but they weren’t particularly high (it’s that honesty thing again!).

Health – could do better (well, a lot better actually). My wife and our 3 sons put me to shame here. This is definitely an area for me to work on;

Family- is everything to me. I work hard and travel on business a lot, so this is an area that needs more focus. I love them too much not to;

Money – well, well. This is a difficult one. I know I’m not driven by money. I have written on this blog about the need for wealth but as a means to do all the great things that positively impact others. Do I earn enough? Of course not!

Personal development – yes, I’m pretty driven here. We all have a responsibility on this – or else we don’t advance. That’s what drove me to my internet qualifications, my badges for youth soccer coaching, my MSc, my certificate in Stress Management etc. and all the time I spend (very gratefully) helping others. I don’t think you ever get to 10 on this one…

Career – I’ve got a good job in a very senior post. However, I’m not career driven. Arguably, it’s my desire to help others that’s led to my promotions. I’m driven by two things – doing the best I can for my family and friends and for all of my work colleagues. That’s it.

Recreation – what’s that? This is another area of challenge for me. I help coach a youth soccer team, I read, I read (not a typo, I read a lot), I get fascinated by web development and play around with that and I spend (not enough) time with my family (oh, yes and I blog). Definitely one area that I need to target improvement.

Spirituality – I have been described as very spiritual. That’s not the same as religious. My journey in the last few months has been about spiritual development. I’m learning and growing always.

Goals – tough one for me this even though I know it’s an essential part of development. I guess my recent spiritual journey has helped me realise how shackled I had become to routine, fear and anxiety. The power of Now, silence and a rejuvenation of my faith means a lot of that is now behind me.

So, day 1 has been a good, soul searching start for me. The scene is set so bring on day 2!

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