Are you winning?

So have you had a good week? Are you winning? I guess you could ask, winning at what? Well, last week we looked at The Silent Game. This is a game where you compete not with others but rather with yourself, to gain control of your body and mind at will. Debbie Hampton, posted a very insightful and relevant article recently called Pulling weeds and planting flowers. Among the key messages for me were that you need to “pull the weeds” or as I put it last week, observe and throw away grudges and forgive those who have hurt you, as an essential first step of change and finding peace. Similarly, seek forgiveness from those you have hurt.

Then of course there are those other annoying disttractions like anger and deceit, fear and loathing, stress and anxiety – go on yank them all out. That might not happen all in one go. It depends on how over-grown your mind has become. Ridding your mind of all of your “weeds” takes perseverance, hard graft and patience.

Before you can “plant flowers” you need to continue to properly prepare the soil – by being grateful for all that is great in your life; by stilling your mind in preparation for the greatness you will achieve. Like all good gardeners, you don’t then just randomly start to plant seeds or bulbs. No, you must have a firm picture in your mind or visualisation of your prize-winning garden. It doesn’t have to be all the detail – that can come later. But you do need to visualise and plan. You will want to pick your favourite flowers – the changes in your life that you most desire.

But life and gardening are rarely straightforward. To really achieve your dream garden takes persistent care and devotion. Oh, and remember the one sure thing about weeds – they tend to come back…..

7 responses to “Are you winning?

  1. I think I am tending a garden of bamboo. Doesn’t it take something 6 years to even produce a plant? Patience, patience. Diligence.

    This really illustrates an important point for me. I know I do not see the results or a fully blooming, beautiful garden anywhere near as quickly as I would like to. So I keep weeding and fertilizing. Somewhere along the way, it becomes the act of tending the garden that is the joy not just the end result. That is winning.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog!

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  3. Hi Debbie, great to hear from you again. Yes, paitient, diligent and devoted weeding and fertilising are absolutely the key – clearing your mind and constantly seeking knowledge and understanding. If it was easy, then anybody could do it!! Take care and thanks again, Stephen

  4. Such a true message. I do really agree with what you said here and we have to prepare our minds to achieve what we want and continually be willing and disciplined enough to clear away doubts and limiting beliefs. I thought the analogy to weeds was a great one and the reminder that weeds can come back. It is something we have to continually work through. Great post.

    • Hi Sibyl, thanks for stopping by again and for your very kind comments. I love the weed / gardening anology and aim to explore it further. For example, it occurs to me that “pruning” is a very necessary part of both gardening and personal development – sometimes you need to take a good, sharp pair of secateurs to shrubs and flowers that have brought you great joy to allow for future, more vigorous growth. Just a thought… Thanks again. Take care. Stephen

  5. I laughed at Debbie’s comment about her planting bamboos. Now, what am I planting? Baby shoots? I have to confess that mine used to have lots of weeds. I had to do a major overhaul!

  6. Hi Evelyn, I also loved Debbie’s comment that “it becomes the act of tending the garden that is the joy not just the end result”. I agree and as well as “patience and diligence” I think you also need “devotion”. And yes, when the garden has become overgrown, it takes a major overhaul to clear the ground before you can even think about planting flowers (or bamboo!). Take care, Stephen

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