The Silent Game

Are you good at silence? When our boys were a bit younger we used to play The Silent Game – you know, the first person to speak (break the silence) is ‘out’. This game can be difficult for chatter-boxes but relatively easy for people who don’t really say much anyway. Which type are you?

I could go on to talk about our silence when others need help but I’ll keep that for another day.

Instead, I want to focus on the positive aspect of silence through stilling your mind. Even if you’re the ‘don’t-say-much’ type you will still probably have a lot of noise and chatter in your head. Some of this will be positive, the remainder negative and a lot of both may be leading to overload and stress. To get away from it all, you may switch on the TV or radio – more noise. That can sometimes be good (relaxing, meditative music, for example) but a lot of the time it leaves you in overload, busy and out of focus.

So what can you do to help. Well, one suggestion based on work by Charles Haanel and much later, Eckhart Tolle is to practice getting control of your mind and body. This, though, takes practice and won’t come easily to some (maybe most).

Find a quiet space where you can sit relaxed. Start by focusing on your body. Sit relaxed yet still. Resist the temptation to stretch or fidget. Practice this for say 5-10 minutes until you are very still, yet relaxed (not tense). Then return to your mind, your thoughts. Give thanks for all that you have experienced, including all the trials and tribulations of the day, that have already become lessons for the future, then let them go. Really let them go. Ask for forgiveness for the times when you were angry or hurtful and forgive those that wronged you. Then let these moments pass. Still your mind. Focus on silence. Feel how relaxed your body is. Feel the power within you, from your solar plexus to your heart to your mind. Be still. Be silent. Let it all go. Connect with the inner you, your inner peace.

Remain in this state for as long as you can. Don’t worry if you only manage a few minutes – that is your old state, your busy-ness paradigm pushing through. This will take practice. But as we shall see in later posts, it will be worth it, my friend. Yes, it will. You need to gain control of your mind and body at will before you can really focus on and achieve the life you want and all its goals. This is the key to health, wealth and happiness. And it begins with The Silent Game. Try it.

6 responses to “The Silent Game

  1. I LOVE silence. It inspires me to create. I have different ways of creating silence in my life – take a hot bath, stare out the window, immerse myself in nature. Thanks for the reminder to always make time for silence.

  2. Hi Marnie, thanks for stopping by. Yes, if you can choose silence at will then the mind is prepared to accomplish great things and the body gets a usually much needed rest. It’s kind of like preparing the ground for sowing. Take care now, Stephen

  3. Stephen: Great post. I really like the name you gave it … The Silent Game. I am such a fan of silence and just about everything that you said in this post. I think it is so true that we really can find our center through silence and such peace of mind. I also appreciated what you said about practicing and understanding that you will get better and better at it. It really is a process. Great information and recommendation.

    • Hi Sibyl, great to hear from you. As I said in my reply to Marnie, I really do believe that effective practice of silence is the starting point to accomplishing greatness in whatever you do. But we live in a world filled with noise 24/7, that’s too busy to take time out. You take care now, Stephen

  4. You wrote, “Even if you’re the ‘don’t-say-much’ type you will still probably have a lot of noise and chatter in your head.” How true. I am pretty quiet by nature. However, when I first started meditating, I could not sit still. My mind was all over the place. It’s still a challenge at times. But most certainly, the experience of peace and stillness – when it unfolds – is wonderful.

    • Hi Evelyn, great to hear from you again. I was a drummer a few years ago and still tap constantly – so sitting still can be a challenge! However, I now realise that one of the keys to inner power is learning to still the body and mind and through silence find inner peace. It brings with it such calmness and ability to achieve. You take care, now. Stephen

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