Who are you?

As we enter a new year filled with limitless opportunity, I wanted to share with you the Statement of Being from Wallace D Wattles “A New Christ”. Still your mind and become relaxed and ready to absorb the words. Read it slowly, and aloud if you can. Let the words flow from your conscious to your subconscious.

Statement of Being

There is one Mind, and I AM that Mind.
That Mind is eternal, and it is Life.
That Mind knows no disease; I AM that Mind, and I AM HEALTH.
That Mind is the source of all Power, and cannot know doubt or fear;
I AM that Mind, and I AM POWER and PEACE.
That Mind knows only Truth and ALL truth; I AM that Mind, and I AM
All things created and uncreated, are in that Mind; I AM that Mind,
I AM the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE; the LIGHT in me shines
out to bless the world.

To be perfectly honest I recognise all of this but it is certainly NOT my current state of Being. With practice, however, I know I am getting there. You definitely need to start from the beginning (cos it’s a very good place to start!). Believe in One-ness. Believe that you are connected to the Whole. You are part of all that was, and is, and will be. For example, it was always possible to have cars, the internet, land on the moon. We just weren’t aware or more especially didn’t believe it was possible. But the guys who made this and everything else possible believed. So, you too have access to limitless opportunities.

As for Health, well I spent most of the holiday between Christmas and New Year with a heavy cold and sneezing constantly. But a relatively minor life situation in the whole scale of the Universe.

As for the others… I just keep practicing. Persistence is the key if you are to become One and shift your habits. Your subconscious mind will act instinctively to help you achieve your goals. But only with persistence of positive messages of dreams and ambitions and affirmations from your conscious mind.

So, who are you?

4 responses to “Who are you?

  1. I read The Science of Getting Rich sometime ago. You’ve just reminded me that it’ll be good to go back to it! Love what you shared in this post. We share similar thoughts!

  2. Hi Evelyn, really great to hear from .Yes, I believe we do share very similar thoughts. I notice that you’ve joined the February CYT programme. I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks again…. Stephen

  3. Who am I? Good question.

    I like how you put it…”I recognize all of this but it is certainly NOT my current state of Being.” I think I am somewhere between what I recognize and strive for and the reality that shows up every day. Some days…pretty close. Others…not so much.

    I have a great deal of compassion for myself and this just keeps me motivated.

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for dropping by again. Compassion; an (if not the) essential part of Love itself and of greater social co-operation. “Do to others what you would have them do to you”. Thanks again and take care. Stephen

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