Your responsibility is to become wealthy

Yes, that’s right. You were Born Rich, you just don’t realise it. In The Parable of the three servants, Jesus illustrates the need for good stewardship but also the importance of creating wealth (you good and faithful servant). But as I said in my last post, Love People and Use Money. The real deal here is that your positive, precise affirmations must be aimed at giving (back), not just receiving. What will you do in return for your new-found wealth? Well, you must commit to doing what you do best (whatever that is) and as God-given talents you can be assured that it will be for the benefit of others.

Money is the root of all evil. Well, I prefer to interpret this as money is the route to all evil. To greed and lust and using people for our own gain. So if money becomes your sole and absolute obsession then you are in trouble. Rather, it is for you to plan to fulfil your purpose. If you are in a job that makes you unhappy, then move on. Not straight-away. Plan what you will do, what you really want to do – your burning desire. By repetition, feed this continuously and deliberately to your sub-conscious. If you need money to live your dream, then that’s alright. Do not worry about where the money will come from, that’s not your job. Your subconscious cannot distinguish between reality and imagination/ visualisation. If you spend say 30 minutes a day on feeding your subconscious with the feelings and emotions of your burning desire then it will respond by creating this reality. But this ain’t no get rich quick. You need to work at it and results may take 30 to 90 days to show through.

What I’ve described is the essence of the Law of Attraction. As such, if you worry about money, or debts or paying the bills, then guess what – that’s what will happen. But if you clearly understand your clear purpose or goal, feel it with passion and as a burning desire, emotionalise it and spend time daily re-wiring your brain, then guess what….

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