Now that I have 14,000 followers….

“I AM so happy and so grateful now that I have a coaching blog with 14,000 followers”. Well, not yet but I KNOW that I will. This is one of my focussed, positive and precise affirmations.

It all started with my discovery of the Principles of Being (well, when I say started, became the latest discovery on my journey). You know, the I AM affirmations – I AM Health, I AM Wealth, I AM Happiness – you get the gist.

Bob Proctor, one of the world’s greatest speakers and motivators, who was featured on The Secret , lives by, “I AM so happy and so grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities and from multiple sources on a continuous basis”. Try it. What have you get to lose.

Well, actually there are a couple of things you need to know first. Ask and you will receive (Luke 4: 9). Will you? Of course you will but only if you’re ready to receive. How do you do that – have faith, believe. And emotionalise your affirmation – what does it feel like. We willl look in future posts at what you will do with the money you receive and the Bible’s teaching on your responsibility to get wealthy. Suffice to say that, no, money is not always the route to all evil. But only if you Love People and Use Money.

3 responses to “Now that I have 14,000 followers….

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  2. Hi Bob, thanks for your comment and the very useful link. You’re right, it’s not just about positive affirmations, although are worthwhile as habits are changed. You also need to take action. I know that I won’t get 14,000 followers just by saying it out loud 20 times a day! But it does help me to focus on my plan.
    I have an article that expands on this due to be published in Change Your Thoughts in February. Thanks again, Stephen
    The Science of Getting Rich free eBook

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