Keep your subconscious free from weeds

The Parable of the Sower (Mark 4: 1-9), warns of the dangers of not treating your subconscious mind with care. Think of your subconscious as a fertile land where ideas and dreams grow in abundance. But you must sow these seeds of imagination deeply enough to ensure strong roots. Neither should you let others put you off or distract you to the extent that doubt sets in. And avoid rocky ground (ideas that don’t align with your true passion or purpose). After all your subconscious contains your access to your God-given talents. It is responsible for around 98% of your thought process and is responsible for creating and maintaining your connection to God through your soul or spirit (the Kingdom of God that lies within).

You were born Rich. But somewhere along the way you may have got lost. You current wealth is dependent on your beliefs and financial image of yourself. So, let those who have ears, Listen. You are capable of great things – in fact you can generate all the wealth that you need. But not if your subconscious is barren, victim of “doubting Thomas’s” or over-run by weeds. Start today – dig out the weeds, throw on some fertiliser feed and don’t forget the bird netting.

2 responses to “Keep your subconscious free from weeds

    • Thanks Thea, great to hear from you. Of courseyou can use it (royalty free – lol). Thanks for the book link – much appreciated and that should keep me busy for a while -)

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